This place is horrible. My friends came into town from CO and rented a car from this place so that I didn't have to drive them around.

First, there is supposedly a courtesy shuttle from the airport - that didn't happen. Had to pay for a cab. They got a 1994 Chevy Impala (listed on the key tag as a 1944 Impala). The interior was stained and burned by cigarettes (even though they were assured this was a non-smoking vehicle) while the outside was dented and scratched up.

It was cheap though, and so they took it anyways. It started leaking oil all over my driveway the day they arrived and my friends said the transmission was slipping while driving it. The next morning, the tire was flat. No big deal, that can be changed, right?

Not when the car doesn't have a tire iron or a crank for the jack. We called to ask what to do and were told "Just fix the tire and bring it in. The tire is your responsibility so figure it out". When we tried to explain WHY we couldn't change the tire, the person on the phone said "It's your problem.

Find someone to help" and hung up. Upon calling back, we received the same amazing customer service, being told "It's not my problem. Figure out how to get the car down here and we can switch it out for you. There's nothing we can do" and hung up again.

The third time we called, a different person answered, apologized and told us if we could fill up the tire and get it there, they would take care of everything, including reimbursement for the 2 days and cancellation of the rental agreement. At this point, they'd already gotten a new rental car. After getting to the business, the employee working the front desk (I assume the same one from the first 2 phone calls) berated my friends, told them they were idiots, refused to help with anything, referred to my friend's tattoos as "prison tattoos" and said he looked like a convict. While trying to resolve the issue, they were told that they needed to leave the premises immediately before the cops were called because they were "trespassing" and that they could take the issue up with their credit card company but they were being charged for the full week of rental after only having the car for 2 days.

This company is a joke, the employees are completely rude and arrogant, their cars are disgusting.

I don't know how they can stay in business when they treat customers this way. Apparently they're only nice and friendly before you get one of their POS cars that start falling apart.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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